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About Me

The last born son of Nigerian parents, I grew up on the east side of Ottawa. After high school I left home to attend the University of Toronto and graduated with an HBA in Digital Enterprise Management, as well as a Certificate in Digital Communication from Sheridan College. After years in the corporate world working in IT Consulting and Procurement, I quit the

9 to 5 life to pursue a full-time career as an Artist and Entrepreneur.


I first fell in love with photography when I got my first wind up Kodak disposable camera for my birthday as a kid. I mostly enjoyed capturing my family and friends when they weren't looking so I can get a candid moment or catch them "in the act" of something. This fondness and curiosity continued with the introduction of  camera phones to the point and shoots and the DSLRs.

I'm endlessly curious about people: I want to know the story behind the face, the smile, the veneer. Getting past the walls to what'a real about a person is what got me started in photography.  Storytelling is my passion, whether it be through a lens, a scene, or a song. They all work together to create & curate  a look, a feel, a vibe; an impression. My approach to photography is use to tell stories created for a moments glance in a day of life as well as gaze into concept of culture, race, gender, sexuality and identity. There are no rules anymore, we are the future. Artists are the Leaders of the New School.

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4K Spadina Ave

Toronto, ON

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